Camp FAQ

Q. When is Western Camp 2020?
A. Camp begins Monday, July 13 at 5:30 pm and ends Sunday, July 19.

Q. Can I send my child under age 18 to Camp without me?
A. Yes. It is preferable that you bring your child/children, but you may appoint a guardian who must be at camp all week and over the age of 21. Children ages 0-12 must stay in the room with their guardian.

Q. Can I register with just a deposit or must it be paid in full?
A. You have an option to pay all the registration payment at once or in instalments.

Q. How do you calculate Part Time Rates?
A. The part time rate is calculated according to the day & meal you arrive and leave camp. Please see the part time rate chart.

Q. If I am not sure I can come to camp, should I register anyway and then cancel later?
A. Absolutely. Beginning June 1st, registration fees increase to $40. Therefore, it is to your benefit to register early.

Q. Can I request a building or room?
A. Yes, you can make a request and we will attempt to accommodate you. There are, however, many factors involved in placement, so we cannot guarantee you will be placed in the building or room you requested. Some accommodation options sell out quickly.

Q. Which buildings have access to a kitchen area and refrigerator?
A. All buildings, excluding Mt. Baker Cabins, have a general kitchen area with a refrigerator in the common lounge.

Q. Are pillows and blankets supplied?
A. There are pillows and blankets on each bed in each room, in each building. Additional linens may be requested.

Q. How do I get to stay with the roommate I want?
A. You, and the person you want to stay with, need to request each other on your applications. We will try to accommodate your request. If the roommate you requested is not registered, we cannot reserve a place for him/her. Therefore, encourage your requested roommate to register promptly.

Q. Can I choose the day I want to volunteer for something?
A. Yes, you will be given many choices by selecting desired positions during registration and we will try to accommodate you. Please help by donating hours, so we may all enjoy camp.

Q. What are the requirements for Counselors?
A.  You must be a member of your home church and converted for at least 2 years. This can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Q. Can a teen stay off grounds?
A. No. Teens need to stay in the teen accommodations.

Q. Is there still going to be a golf cart available? Is there any sort of schedule for those that need assistance getting around?
A. Yes, the golf cart is available for those that need assistance getting to and from buildings. There will be a golf cart driving around to pick people up. The golf cart will have a daily schedule and routes.