Book of Hosea

Hosea’s poetry reveals deep truths about God’s character and human nature, namely: that human hearts tend toward sin, yet God’s compassion burns brighter than his wrath. God’s ultimate purpose is to heal and save.

What makes God’s love for people so puzzling to us? What does God’s compassion toward sinners say about who He is? What is it like to see and to love people like God does? How does God’s bearing with the sin of His people cause your heart to grow toward Him? What about God would make it possible for a prostitute like Gomer to repent? What if she continues to be unfaithful– what is God’s response? Hosea uses imagery of God being like a tree: what is the difference between enjoying the tree’s fruit and appreciating and loving the tree itself? “Love God warmly as your husband, don’t just serve Him as your Lord.” How does Christ exemplify a faithful husband to His bride?

God’s impossible grace towards us and His continued covenant fidelity leaves us stuck in our tracks. His love goes beyond our failures. May we fall on the solid rock and amidst our wanderings, may He continue to draw us to Himself.