Text: Ephesians 2

For Further Reflection:

  • Read 2:1-10. By looking back and reminding ourselves of the helpless state wehave come from, we can see Christ’s resurrection power already at work, bringing our dead, sinful selves to life as we become united with him through his beautiful act of grace. From this point of redemption, he is offering us endless ages upon ages to explore the unfathomable excesses of his kind, saving grace. What were you like before you met Christ, and what difference has Christ actually made in your life? What difference has he made recently? How can the members of your church share the daily miracles of redemption that Christ is working in your lives, so that we can draw each other and the world into the praise of his glory?

  • Read 2:11-16. Out of an alienated, fragmented and mutually hostile humanity, Christ has drawn us and knit us together with himself and with each other. He has forged this new, durable union and peace with his own blood. With his blood he has drafted and ratified a new constitution by which this new, united humanity will live. Are there any old hostilities or divisions (cultural, denominational, racial, economic, political, etc.) that you and your local church tend to import into the new blood-forged family of Christ? What have you learned from a Christian whose background is different from yours? What role do you think you have in breaking down barriers and living under the healing power of Christ’s new covenant?

  • Read 2:17-22. Equal treatment, equal access, equal citizenship, equal membership within God’s household. There is no “insider class” or “second class” in Christ’s rewoven humanity; this grand re-leveling has occurred because the foundation has been reset around the new Cornerstone. Like patches being brought near to each other and to the Thread that holds them together, we will be brought near to the grand Weaver when he puts his finished garment on. How do you respond to being a part of God’s new society? What happens to a church when it is out of step with Christ’s reconciling work?