Ways to Give

“We welcome donations throughout the year to help cover the costs of camp.  The Lord had blessed us with generous donations so far.  Our goal continues to be: raise enough funds to keep costs low for campers.  Please prayerfully consider creative ways you can contribute and raise funds for camp.”

Church, Youth Group, & Individual Fundraising

Parable of Talents

You may be familiar with the Parable of the Talents from Matthew 25:14-30. A man gave one of his servants 5 talents, another servant 2 talents, and another one, a single talent, and then he went away. The goal for each servant was to make more from these gifts for his master. Your church gives interested members a small amount of money. Then, each member ventures out and works to turn that into something more. For example, if a member knits, they may use the money to buy yarn and then sell the completed scarf for a profit.

Bake Sale

Set a date and time frame for your bake sale—before or after church one Sunday would be great—and ask members to sign up to bring certain baked goods.

Volunteer Grants

Volunteer grants are part of many corporate philanthropy programs. Many businesses promise to donate a certain amount of money to an organization if an employee meets a specific volunteer hour threshold. For example, a company might tell employees that for every 20 hours they volunteer with an eligible organization, the company will donate $500 to the organization.

Be sure to ask your volunteers if they are eligible for volunteer grants through their employers!

Church-Wide Rummage Sale

Challenge members to fill two or three boxes worth of unwanted items from around their house to donate to your rummage sale, such as:

  • CDs and records
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Books
  • Furniture

You can use your church parking lot or sanctuary as the venue!  If you are having trouble finding items, post on facebook about the yard sale to see if anyone would like to donate items to the yard sale.  There are many buy-nothing groups on facebook that great items can be secured through.

Family Photoshoots

Quality family photos are often treasured for generations. For this church fundraiser, be the one to provide family photos for your church’s members. See if there is a qualified photographer already in your community, and ask them if they’d be willing to donate their time to this fundraiser. Then, alert your members of the opportunity to have their family portraits taken at a specific time and date. Have them sign up online, and once their photos are ready, charge for copies so you can raise money in furtherance of your mission.

Community Donations

Request donations through community businesses – No matter the type of donation you’re requesting, your letters should be authentic and personal.