Your Camp Memories

“Interesting forum discussions.”

“Watching the competitive volleyball on the front lawn.”

“I remember hearing the ringing of the bell to call people to services.”

“Hearing a variety of special numbers.”

“The great time of fellowship with friends”

“Accepting Christ into my life.”

“Edward playing base guitar on the worship team!”

“Bro Vic blasting the shofar!”

“The campfires the youth have. Best time for singing, story telling and testimonies. I can’t wait for camp 2k16!”

“Seeing old friends and meeting new ones.”

“The amazing sunset over looking Puget Sound.”

“Trumpet players playing to awaken us in the mornings. What a great way to start the day!”

“Singing in the choir and winning the married vs. singles softball game.”

“Volunteering to help with children’s activities.”

“choir practice.”

“For me, really praying for the first time.”

“Meeting my spouse.”

“The last night when all the youth are able to stay up extra late and socialize.”

“Listening to a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace sung by a 7 year old at campfire.”

“The time of catching up with old friends.”

“The evening sky before campfire.”

“The beardathon of course.”

“Opening the camp time capsule”

“Sharing my testimony.”

“I enjoy participating in singspiration.”

“I can’t forget trying to keep up with my team in the basketball tournament.””The Watermelon Feed is always a highlight for me.””Growing closer to God.”